Our mission is to support the work of ending homelessness by providing community stakeholders with tools such as and, as well as the guidance on how to put these tools into action.  The training and support resources listed below have been created to help ensure that the features found within are being fully utilized...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We have developed a comprehensive knowledgebase to provide detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Choose from the categories below to view our answers to these commonly asked questions...

The Help Desk
If you have questions about the tools or reports within then please Submit a Ticket to the Help Desk.  We also love constructive feedback as that helps us make sure the product works well for you and for others so please use the help desk to share your thoughts.   

Virtual Trainings
To request your own free virtual training, either "one on one" or with a group, simply Contact Us and let us know a couple of dates and times that work for your schedule.   

Video Tutorials
Subscribe to our YouTube channel to access our full library of video tutorials or click here to view a list of videos to choose from.  

Official Guidance and Programming Specifications
The reports within are built according to detailed programming specifications. Links to these specifications, and other key documents used to support our work, can be found on the Resources page.